This fire season was one of the busiest for the Fallen Leaf Lake Fire Department. The fire department responded to 21 different Strike Team responses throughout the State of California and to our neighbors in Nevada. We responded to the Santa Rosa Fire, the Napa area and other areas around that fire This was a devastating fire that affected many of our residents in Fallen Leaf.

In December we responded to the Thomas fire in Southern California. The Thomas fire is now the largest fire of record in California. During the Thomas fire, one of our FLL FD Captains was interviewed by Lester Holt for his NBC nightly news. Captain DeMarta represented our department well. Over the past few weeks NBC has been running the Lester Holt News commercials during the day and part of the commercial is a clip of his interview with Captain DeMarta.

The fire department was also busy in Fallen Leaf. We had 91 incidents this season including the Strike Team responses. We have a great staff that provides strike team responses and also maintains coverage for the Fallen Leaf Lake Community. I am very proud of our Firefighters, they do a wonderful job for our community.

Chief Gerren