2013 Documents and Postings

January 26, 2013.  11:00am.  Download packet, below.

March 9, 2013.    10:00am.  Download reports below.

April 20, 2013      10:00am   Download April Reports Below.

May 25, 2013       09:00am   Download May Reports Below.

August 31, 2013   09:00am   Download August Reports Below.

July 6, 2013         09:00am   Download July Reports Below

December 7, 2013 12:00pm Download December Reports Below

Voting Advisory Commitee Report

The CSD Board appointed a committee to consider solutions to the voting issues in CSD elections.  The committee has completed its work and is asking the Fallen Leaf community for input regarding the committee’s recommended solution.  The input will be sought through a survey that will be sent to the Fallen Leaf community shortly.  The committee has prepared a report summarizing its work and its recommendation.  The CSD Board has not yet discussed the committee’s report nor considered its recommendations.  The survey itself does not include the committee’s report, so in order to make the report available to the community, we are posting the report on the CSD website.  We encourage everyone to read it carefully, discuss any questions with the committee and to return the survey promptly.