About Us

Welcome to the Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District’s (CSD) new website. Updated in 2022, our new website is compatible with all modern web browsers and mobile devices, and is designed to be easier for our visitors and residents to read and follow, and much easier for our staff to maintain with up-to-date information.  

Our intent is to provide you, our constituents, with current information about events, activities, and information important to our community. Of course, we always want you to participate in person but understand “life” sometimes gets in the way.  When that happens, use this small link to connect with our little piece of paradise.  As one resident was fond of saying, “it is just another terrible day in paradise at Fallen Leaf.”

What you can find here…

Want to communicate with our Directors and Staff? Take a minute to send them an email with your thoughts and ideas. We have posted their email addresses for this purpose.

Business wise, we will post CSD meeting agendas and approved minutes. You may “pick up a Board Packet” for the CSD meetings at our website. The Facilities section provides information on Fallen Leaf MarinaGeneral Store & Café, and Community Building.

As a community we were at the forefront of screening for Aquatic Invasive Species and we have included our screening procedures. We will periodically add links to keep you updated on this topic throughout California and the West.

Activity-wise, check out the community calendar when planning your summer.  Not only will you find CSD meeting dates, you will find fire department activities (Wine Tasting, Volunteer Barbecue, etc) posted.  As activities develop over the summer, we will post them as quickly as possible.

Take a few minutes and browse the site.  Visit us often for updates on the Fallen Leaf Community.