Fire Department

Our Mission

The Mission of the Fallen Leaf Fire Department is to minimize the damaging effects of fire and other hazards on life, the environment and property in and around the Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District. To serve the Fallen Leaf Lake Community with a volunteer force to the best of our ability according to budget, training and access by providing education, prevention, and initial response to fires, medical emergencies and other hazards.

Fire Department Governing Body 

The FLFD governing body consists of 5 board members, publicly elected to 4 year terms.  Terms are staggered to cause elections of half the board every 2 years.  The Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District Fire Department is a department of the Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District, and known by its common name as the Fallen Leaf Fire Department (FLFD) 241 Fallen Leaf Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150.  The Board of Directors of the District is the policy making and governing body that is responsible for the administration and operation of the Fire Department.  The Administrative chain of command shall be: 

  • Board of Directors (5) 
  • CSD General Manager 
  • Fire Chief (1) 
  • Fire Captains / Seasonal Paid Firefighters 

Organizational Statement 

The FLFD responds to emergencies within the Community Services District boundaries.  At each emergency, the following will be the priority for protection. 

  1. Life Safety 
  2. Property 
  3. Environment

Fire Department Documents