Knox Box Program

When responding to EMS Calls, who opens the door to let you in?

Emergency Medical Calls

When an individual is injured or becomes critically ill, you can respond quickly, without forcing entry, when a Knox-Box® key box is installed at or on the front door. With the entrance key stored inside, you simply open the door, provide medical assistance and relock the door when you leave. Entry damage is avoided.

No Forced Entry

Forced entry slows down your response and can further traumatize an already incapacitated individual making a stressful situation even more stressful. Forced entry also increases the responders’ exposure to injury.

Improve Response Times

Just open the Knox-Box and let yourself in. Once finished, simply relock the door when you leave. There’s no waiting for a neighbor with the key to let you in or having to look for a hidden key.

The Residential Knox-Box is ideal for individuals:

  • with a history of medical problems
  • recuperating from a hospital stay
  • living along
  • using an electronic calling/medical alert service