Community Building

The Old Store at Fallen Leaf is fondly remembered by many as having the best soda fountain in the area – in addition to being a wonderful place to “hang out.” When the general store operation moved to the “new store,” a community resident graciously refurbished the Old Store for use by the Fallen Leaf Community.

Now referred to as The Fallen Leaf Community Center (FLCC), Fallen Leaf residents are encouraged to gather at the FLCC for conversation and relaxation on the porch and to reserve the space for those special activities. We respect the neighbors whose homes are close to the Community Building and require that all activities at the facility be conducted with appropriate respect for the interests of these community members.

The FLCC may not be used for commercial purposes. Although fees may be charged to offset the cost of administration, operations and maintenance Fallen Leaf Residents may consider a donation for continued operation and maintenance of the facility.

Lockers constructed under the Community Building are also available for rent.

We welcome and encourage all community members to consider coordinating activities at the Community Building. Consider organizing a book club, a domino tournament, sponsoring an art exhibition. Do you know a speaker community members might enjoy?

Please download the Letter of Interest, Facility Policy and Rental Guidelines, Community Center Rental Agreement for additional information.


Gary Gerren