Management of Store and Marina Operations: March 2023

Fallen Leaf Lake Community Services District is the government body responsible for the operation of the park and recreation and fire/emergency services at Fallen Leaf Lake California (near South Lake Tahoe). The district owns a small store, café and marina which is part of the park and recreation services. We are looking for individuals interested in management, or a concessionaire interested in a contract for operation of the store, café, and marina.

The store and marina are located on two acres of land and include public restrooms, a boat launch, a public beach and a parking lot. The use season is from May to the first of October, however, winter and spring use is increasing and may offer opportunities for an extended season. The sense of community is integral to the area, and many have enjoyed the lake community for many generations. The operation should be an integral component to maintaining that sense of community.

The marina includes 78 slips for ski boats and other small watercraft. The marina has a gas dock and a boat rental operation. The breakwater and boat launch ramp are part of the marina operation. We have a non-motorized water vessel wash area to keep invasive species out of the Fallen Leaf Lake. Any motorized vessel must be inspected and decontaminated at an official TRPA watercraft station prior to being launched in the lake. There is also a public beach with a swim area.

The store/café includes groceries, beverages, clothing and gift items as well as a kitchen that can serve breakfast, lunch and the occasional early dinner. There are outdoor eating spaces that are maintained by the store.

We would like to hear from those who have run similar operations or who have the desire to run one. We are looking for individual(s) with some related experience and a track record of successful operations. We are interested in either the employment of a store/café/marina management team or a concessionaire who has the ability to financially support such a venture under a contract with the district. Individuals must have the interest to commit themselves and the operation into the desires and needs of the community. We invite you to schedule a time to review the facilities we have in place and to exchange ideas on the operation.

If interested, please contact General Manager Gary Gerren at (530) 544-3300.

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Click here to download the Draft Minutes from the September 3, 2022 Board Meeting