The Fallen Leaf CSD was notified by the FLL Store/Marina concessionaire this summer that they would not continue as the concessionaire after the end of the 2022 season. The CSD has embarked on a process to find a replacement operator. The two management alternatives identified to date are to 1.) Enter INTO a third-party contract with a concessionaire and 2.) Operation of the FLL Store/Marina by the CSD which would entail hiring managers and employees.

An outreach effort has commenced and to date no concessionaire has expressed an interest in the opportunity. A number of individuals have expressed interest in becoming an employee of the CSD and managing the store/marina. Additional outreach efforts are underway.

The CSD has appointed an advisory committee whose members are Bruce Hart, Mike Casey and Danny Kramer. This committee is seeking written input from the community regarding their thoughts on nearly any aspect of the store/marina operator selection process or the actual operation of the store and marina. The committee will give due consideration to the community’s comments as they develop their advisory recommendations to the CSD Board and General Manager.

The CSD has expressed a strong preference for making a decision at their regularly scheduled meeting on Saturday, December 3, 2022 so timely receipt of comments from the community is requested.

Community input to the advisory committee should be emailed to Gary Gerren, Fallen Leaf CSD General Manager at and he will distribute said input to the committee.