El Dorado County has received short notice that Liberty Utilities is completing an upgrade of the Primary Overhead Powerline and Secondary connections on Fallen Leaf Road between Emigrant Road and the Fallen Leaf Marina (see map below).  Due to safety concerns this work needs to be completed during daytime hours.  Installation of the new powerlines will require Liberty Utilities to close access to Fallen Leaf Road so that they can layout the new lines and lift them into place.   

The work is planned for the following three days:

  • Wednesday, November 8th
  • Thursday, November 9th 
  • Monday, November 13th 

Access to Fallen Leaf Road, from Emigrant Road south to the Firehouse, will be closed from:

  • 7:30AM to 2PM and 3PM to 6:30PM each of these days
  • Access will be allowed between 2pm – 3pm each day.
  • Please note that access will be provided in all cases of emergency.

During the daytime closure traffic will be held at the intersection of Tahoe Mountain and Fallen Leaf Road.  Residents north of Emigrant Rd will be allowed access, as necessary.  In order to eliminate/minimize congestion with Liberty moving their equipment off of Fallen Leaf Road for the 2pm to 3pm opening window, we respectfully ask that anyone that will need to access Fallen Leaf wait till 2PM to arrive at Tahoe Mountain / Fallen Leaf intersection.

The primary contacts for Liberty Utilities during this time is:

  • Emily  Sellier-Flyn : 530-545-3012